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From plastic in rivers and oceans to the contribution to climate change, the issue of waste can no longer be confined to landfill. Despite growing awareness of the consequences of our use of resources and our wasteful habits, there are many problems still to be solved. This edition examines how circular economy theory can be embedded across sectors, how we might tackle plastic in oceans and rivers, and provides practical case studies of waste hierarchies in action. This is one journal that won’t end up in the recycling bin, but will be passed around family and colleagues.

The accompanying educational resource notes aim to provide a format for informal, seminar-style discussions of the topics explored in the latest edition of the journal of the Institution of Environmental Sciences.

Through discussion of the ideas and issues presented within the journal, they aim to supplement and enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of a broad range of environmental science issues and provide insights into the professional concerns of practising environmental scientists.

Download the teaching resource for The World Wakes Up to Waste (.docx)

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