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We are expanding the opportunities available to students enrolled on IES-accredited programmes to include:

Writing an article for our blog series

We are launching a new blog series which will focus on students’ experiences of studying for an environmental science or related programme, being at university, and how they utilise their student membership. The series will highlight the quality of environmental students and will be a great resource for those looking to study environmental science and related programmes at university. Encourage your students to get involved.

Signing up for our Student Ambassador Scheme

We are seeking one or two student ambassadors per university to strengthen the relationship between CHES, the IES, and our student members. The students will represent the IES at their universities, host events for their fellow students studying IES-accredited programmes and will be consulted on issues related to student experience and membership. This is a fantastic opportunity for burgeoning environmental scientists to increase their interaction with the professional community and boost their CVs.

More information about each of the schemes can be found here.

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