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COVID-19 has disrupted teaching and learning across the board, requiring a never-before-seen level of flexibility and adaptability from both practitioners and students.

Join us at 10am, Tuesday 18th May for this year’s online CHES Forum to hear from a range of practitioners and engage in collaborative group discussions.

Speakers will present on their experiences of the pandemic, share success stories, reflect on elements that did not go to plan, and consider how these adaptations present opportunities for broader aspects of environmental science higher education. Each presentation will be followed by open discussion groups, allowing all attendees an opportunity to contribute.

The Forum is free to attend for all those working at a CHES member institution.

Our speakers include:

Dr Alison Stokes, University of Plymouth
As Vice Chair of CHES, Alison will be presenting the results of the CHES’ members survey exploring how the pandemic has impacted environmental science teaching, delivery and assessment.

Dr Naomi Holmes & Anna Hawkins, Sheffield Hallam University
Naomi and Anna will be delivering two presentations, the first exploring innovative methods for engaging students in online sessions to encourage them to find their voice, and the second presenting their experience of developing an online portfolio assessment with a range of tasks, encouraging students to engage in a variety of communication methods, learning from diverse sources and using their local environment.

Dr Rachel Dunk, Manchester Metropolitan University
Rachel will be presenting on her experience developing the Carbon Literacy for Staff and Students model for online delivery, and its subsequent national impact now that the University and College Carbon Literacy Toolkit has been shared with all UK universities, helping staff and students to become Carbon Literate.

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