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Book title: Teaching Fieldwork in Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Eds Derek France (University of Chester), Lesley Batty (University of Birmingham) and Dan Swanton (University of Edinburgh)

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

We are seeking short (500 -750 word) vignettes to provide examples of teaching in a Higher Education fieldwork setting within Geography, Earth, Bioscience and Environmental Sciences as part of a guide to fieldwork teaching. Each author(s) of a vignette will be recognised as a contributor to the book.

We invite fieldwork practitioners to contribute short examples of fieldwork activities and approaches under one of the following themes: Sustainability; Ethics; Inclusivity and Accessibility; Supporting Students; Research in the Field; Digital Fieldwork; Community Based Fieldwork and Citizen Science; Groupwork; Project work; Assessment; and Employability. Each vignette will complement chapters on each of these themes.

The book will consider the steps needed to design and deliver a good fieldwork learning experience for students. This book will help those new to teaching and existing academics to better understand how to plan, deliver, refresh and build upon existing fieldwork teaching and associated learning activities. It will draw upon literature from across the disciplines, recognising that even though there are important differences between them, there are common fieldwork practicalities and pedagogy that can be shared.

The ambition is that the vignettes will provide a diverse set of case studies of field practices. They will sit alongside chapters providing detailed examples and diverse perspectives from across Geography, Environmental, Earth and Biosciences.

Staff and student perspectives on each theme can also be considered in a variety of ways and there is an integral consideration of the use of technology to enhance field learning. The book concludes with series of Top Tips making it a modern, practical, indispensable resource for all those involved with HE fieldwork teaching.

If you are interested in contributing a vignette please email d.france@chester.ac.uk with a note of interest title, author, affiliation, theme and a short 50-word (max) outline before Friday 21st July 2023. The deadline for submitting vignettes will be 1st October 2023.

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