By joining CHES, you will become part of an active community which champions environmental disciplines both academically and professionally. CHES is determined to maintain the flow of highly qualified and motivated individuals who possess the skills and knowledge to meet future challenges.


Membership is for a department or school, and runs concurrently with the academic year. All members of the department or school are encouraged to become part of the CHES network. Representatives can be those involved in teaching, learning or research programme leaders, course directors or heads of departments. Membership usually implies an active interest in the support, development and growth of your subject.

Membership benefits

  • Join the leading body representing the environmental sciences in Further and Higher Education
  • First step to programme accreditation, as reported in the HEA's new Key Information Sheets
  • Monthly email update including funding opportunities, job vacancies and events
  • Eligibility to sit on the Executive Committee, with access to CHES meeting reports and minutes
  • Networking opportunities nationally and internationally through CHES contacts, annual conference and other events
  • Opportunities to engage with priority issues and influence national agendas alongside partner organisations
  • Access our list of external examiners

The Process

Simply download a membership form, complete and and email to the IES office. The application fee and first year membership is £200, then subsequent years depend on whether you are accredited or not. Upon receipt of the application your School or Department will be invoiced. All departmental colleagues are then eligible to join the network.

Membership Costs

1st year membership £200
Accredited Membership £450
Non-accredited Membership £225